Travel Insurance

October 2, 2012 in Product News & Reviews

Travel Insurance

Recently a friend of mine broke his arm playing Aussie no-rules football in Pattaya. Fortunately for him, he got travel insurance about a week before.

Travel insuranceHis five minutes on the pitch resulted with him spending the weekend in The Bangkok Hospital Pattaya and leaving with his arm in a sling, a great scar on his shoulder and a good sized bottle of morphine. He’s been having physio on his arm as an outpatient in Bangkok for three weeks and is making good progress back to full health. He can now even pick up a bottle of Beer Lao with his injured arm and take a drink!

It all could have been so different if he didn’t have insurance. The in-patient treatment, surgery, X-rays, professional fees and drugs alone would have ran into several thousand dollars. His accident got the rest of us thinking and taking action to get our own travel insurance in order.

Here is a brief rundown on all things travel insurance in Thailand you should find useful:

ING Insurance (Thailand)

I know a girl (surprise surprise) and she works for ING Insurance (Switzerland) They offer a pretty good health insurance but it’s tied up with a Life Assurance policy. So you end up paying twice as much to get the health benefits. Good but not necessarily needed if you aren’t planning on spending the rest of your life in Thailand. Check it out here. (Convert page to English)

Thai Health

We found these insurance policies on a Teach Thai website and almost went for it. To get enough cover, you would have to be looking at the SP4000 and above otherwise they may not cover all your bills should anything bad happen to you. Still worth looking into as your requirements may not be the same as mine. Check it out here.

World Nomads Travel Insurance

It’s travel insurance with similar fees as the two insurance companies mentioned above but you are insured even if you travel to other countries. (think Visa runs etc.) It covers your passport and baggage etc. and you can even cover things like phones and personal computers for an extra premium.

Another friend of mine got a policy with this company and has contacted them on several occasions. They have always responded pretty damn quick and answered all his questions.

My friend from Oz has had fantastic care and continues to do so. My other friend has also had lots of communication with World Nomads and has received excellent customer service. So with all that being said and seeing it all this first hand, I also recently bought a policy for 1 year with them too. More information about this insurer, click here World Nomads. Also if you go to this page for saving; there is a coupon code, so you can grab that and save 7 or 8% on your premium.

Cheaper Travel Insurance

One other thing… I found that if you take a travel insurance policy over a longer length of time it works out much cheaper. IE. I saved over £100 by taking a 12 months travel insurance policy apposed to 6 months contract.

Undocumented Dangers of Thailand’s Roads

I hope this post helped and at least saved you a little time searching for good travel insurance. The most important thing is to take action and get yourself covered, you can’t be to careful. Stay safe!

Travel Insurance