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September 19, 2012 in Product News & Reviews

Learn Thai Alphabet in Minutes

Learn Thai AlphabetLearn Thai alphabet? Why you may be asking do you need to learn the Thai alphabet!

Well, if you are going to be living and working in Thailand or even if you want to make deeper connections when traveling through the Land of Smiles, you will soon notice most things like road signs, shop boards, restaurant receipts and your utility bills are all written in Thai. That shouldn’t come as any surprise after all, you’re in Thailand right!

You can get by without reading Thai but if you start to learn to speak Thai you will progress quicker and easier if you can read Thai too. Besides you’ll have a better quality of life (cheaper too) if you can read what you are buying at the market and how much you’re paying for it.

That’s why I recommend investing in ‘Learn the Thai Alphabet in Minutes’.

Download: Learn Thai Alphabet in Minutes

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This is the book I wish I discovered when I first started to learn Thai language. It can be a daunting experience when you first discover there are 44 Thai consonants, 32 vowels, 3 classes and 5 tones to memorize and don’t forget about the numbers! This book helps you to connect all these new symbols with things you already know and so aids for a quicker and more rewarding learning experience.

The book is available as an instant download in the form of a PDF, a digital flip book style and now also in a mobipocket version for your smartphone. It also comes with a full 60 days money-back guarantee. It works on Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and windows mobile.

So don’t delay, join the thousands of other satisfied Thai language students who have downloaded this book since 2005 and download your Thai alphabet now. Within just a few minutes from now you will be learning how to read in Thai.

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If you invest in Learning Thai Alphabet in Minutes we may get a affiliate commission. That’s how we pay the bills and maintain the upkeep of this website. However, if you are serious about learning Thai language and getting more from this rich culture, we couldn’t recommend a better place to start.

Learn Thai Alphabet