Top 8 Apps to Learn Thai Language

October 7, 2012 in Product News & Reviews

Top 8 Apps to Learn Thai Language

Learning to read, write and speak in Thai, like any new skill takes hours of practice, dedication and a willingness to learn.

I’ve been using smart-phone apps to accelerate my learning of Thai language and make better use of my down time while on the BTS, taking taxi rides across Bangkok or just hanging out by the pool.

I use a Galaxy S3 Android device and downloaded the apps either from Samsung Apps or the Play Store. No doubt you iPhone sheep can get them from the iTunes App Store. Here are my top 7 apps to learn Thai Language in no particular order:

1) Learn Thai Numbers

Learn Thai Numbers AppLearn Thai Numbers is a great app to quickly reference Thai numbers with audio and it’s free!

It has two cool flash card games to help you improve your Thai number skills. These are in three levels with numbers 1-99, 0-999 and 0-9999.

The second flash card is for listening practice. This will help you to tune your ear to the new sounds.

This is a great app for numbers but could be improved if they had a flash card that contained the Thai numericals 0 to 9.

Rating: 9 out of 10

2) Talk Thai (Free)

Talk Thai by BhuioTalk Thai by Bhuio comes in two versions for your smart-phone: full and free.

The free version (the one I use) has 2 categories and contains ads. The full version has 6 categories and no ads.

The two categories in the free version are basic Thai words and phrases and the second is a travel category. Each word or phrase is available to hear in a clear audio recording by a native Thai girl.

The app doesn’t try to overwhelm you with thousands of words or phrases that you will probably never use. Instead they have selected only the phrases you are likely to need.

It’s a great introduction to Thai if you are just starting out or are visiting Thailand for a short holiday.

The full version has additional categories of Emergency, Relations, Numbers, Travel and Fun.

Bhuio also make apps in over 20 other languages and can be found on Facebook here.

Ratings: 8 out of 10

3) Thai Script

Thai Script appThe Thai script app successfully introduces you to the Thai alphabet and numbers.

It breaks down all 44 of the Thai consonants into their respected class: High, Middle and Low and has a Memorizer so you can test yourself against the app. (Note; you only have to learn which consonant are in High and Mid class as all the rest will fall in to the Low class)

All the vowels are presented here but I would have liked to have seen each of them displayed in their long and short forms together.

If you want to really fast track your way to learning the Thai Alphabet and numbers, this is one of the best apps.

Ratings: 9 out of 10

4) Thai Learner

Thai Learner AppThai Learner is a larger app in regards to how much content it has compared to other language apps.

It has over 20 categories that include; Food, Numbers, Drinks, People and Animals. It also covers numbers, verbs and measurements. Each of these category’s are sub-divided into 3 headings to aid your learning: Learn, Glossary and Quiz. Quiz rates your response as a percentage so you can easily see your progress.

This is a great app, all-killer and no filler and another fine introduction to Thai language learning.

Ratings: 9 out of 10

5) Memolicious Thai

Memolicious Thai AppThis was one of the first Thai language apps I downloaded and still use today (I’m so bad at remembering my vowel sounds). You can often see me on the BTS with my earphones on, pointy finger jabbing at my smart-phone screen like a woodpecker on yabba.

The app is broken down into three main categories, Consonants, Vowels and Numbers. Each of these categories are then intelligently sub divided again.

Each card is timed allowing you only a few seconds to answer one of three possible answers and a percentage score keeps your total visible at the top of the screen.

It’s a really good-looking app with superb layout and design that feels very premium although it is free. My only gripe about it is it doesn’t give you an option to turn the background music of or the groaning sound when you get an option wrong. I guess the motivation is to get everything right and learn Thai fast so you don’t have to hear it!

Ratings: 9 out of 10

6) Convo. Master

Thai Conversation MasterThe Thai Conversation Master is a free app I’ve only used a little. As it’s free the only theme available is “Conversation”. This theme is broken down into a further nine sub themes that include; Greetings, Relationships and Topics of Conversations. If you take Topics of Conversations for instance this covers Family, Time, and the Weather to name but a few sub niches.

When you decide on your topic you have the option to listen to the phrase or sentence in Thai or Thai and English and how many times you would like it repeated.

The full paid app has 12 themes that include Transportation, Shopping, Emergency and Business.

It is a good app but I would like to see the inclusion of a phonetic translation in addition to the Thai and English. I don’t like the cartoon aesthetic aspect of it either finding the screen to busy for me. If you don’t mind this you will like this app and learn some great Thai questions and phrases quickly.

Ratings: 7 out of 10

 7) Thai Dictionary

Thai Dictionary AppThis is an English/Thai Thai English dictionary app that allows you to write or voice control your word search. It delivers the results fast and gives you the spelling in the opposite language, examples of how to use the word, common phrases and the definition.

You can save your word in a flash card folder and write a memo.

I’ve never had much call to use this app but it’s cool to have on your smart-phone for emergencies.

It’s a well designed and premium looking app that will help you learn Thai and it is also free.

Ratings: 7 out of 10

8) Lyngo Lite

Lyngo Lite AppLyngo Lite is a new and recent addition to my learn Thai language apps. This voice to voice translator is free but invaluable. You simply choose the two languages you want to work in and write your word, phrase or sentence as you would an SMS message. Within a second or two you’ll get a real speak translation.

This app works for many languages so check out Lyngo Lite on Facebook here.

More Learn Thai Language Apps

Do you use any other apps to learn Thai language? If you do share them in the comments below.
If you know someone who is also learning Thai or any other language and would like this post, don’t forget to share it with them, tweet it out and join me on Facebook. Chok dii!

Ratings: 10 out of 10

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The Top 8 Apps to Learn Thai Language