How to Achieve the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

September 7, 2014 in Digital Nomad

I often post photos up on my Facebook wall, Google+ and twitter showing some of the beautiful places I often find my self in; swinging through the trees in Koh Chang, hanging in The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore or lounging on one of the many almost deserted beaches in Thailand. I do this not to show off, but because I’m a douchebag and love to remind the haters back home of a different reality to their cold, grey, over priced, consumer driven, heavily taxed, time starved, corporate serving, surf existence, ha ha!

I’ve been living in Asia now for 4 years. A year ago I incorporated in Singapore, I bank in Singapore and I’ve moved just about everything in an easterly direction. I only have family and friends back in the UK now, thank fuck we have Skype.

I often get PM’s, from friends, old colleagues and even clients on Facebook who want to visit for a couple of weeks and I help facilitate their stay in Thailand so they maximize their two week vacation. I love doing this and it’s a great opportunity to catch up with lots of old friends.

How to Become a Digital Nomad

Occasionally friends contact me to asking how I manage to live out of the rat race for so long and tell me they want to do the same. Below is an edited version of one such exchange. I though would make a great starting point for a blog post that will also answers some of the very same questions you may have if you have found yourself reading my blog. I’ve kept names and some other things private out of respect and made some minor edits so it reads easy!

One Day in April…

“Hey man, Hello!!! How are you??? I’m saving hard for a trip to Asia… see you are out there at the moment so wondered if you had any hints and tips for best places to go or places you would recommend and how to work to make money stretch for as long as possible!!! We are selling as much of our stuff as possible and giving up jobs to do this…. excited and shitting my pants all at the same time!!! Haha! X

Hey (Name) I’m fine and dandy, How the devil are you? I’ve been living out in Thailand for something like 3 and a half years now. A couple of weeks ago I left Bangkok and now live on my fave island, Koh Chang. I could wax lyrical about places to go and things to see in Asia but it would be like writing a book. It’s a big place!

If you are giving up your jobs to travel you always will have a finite time and resources before you have to go back. I would recommend finding something that you can do online and generate an income. Then you can be a ‘Digital Nomad‘ and do it as long as you like.

You can live a very comfortable life in Thailand (or anywhere you choose) on a very reasonable budget. For instance, I had a one bedroom condo by the river in central Bangkok for the last 2 years, which included a gym, a swimming pool, use of a boat and a maid for 22,000thb or just over £400 p/m. I have friends who have studios apartments in the same building for 14,000thb.

Compare that with a one bedroom apartment in London that starts at 4 x monthly rental price and you don’t have a maid, outdoor swimming pool or use of a private boat to ferry you across the river. You do get high service charges for water, electricity and other taxes like the community charge, parking and congestion charge etc.

  • Update: I now live in a 2 bedroom house on Koh Chang island and pay 14,000thb. Water and electricity is an additional 1,200thb per month and my Internet is free! So I have more and pay less. Sometimes the secret to having more money is not earning more, but spending less!

Street food is great and safe to eat. A meal will set you back around £1.

how to become a digital nomad

With Friends from LA at Lebua, Bangkok

If you want to live it up you can go to the top bars, clubs and restaurants and pay comparable prices to any UK town. Best to stay local and soak up the vibe for the best deals.

Other towns in Thailand are cheaper and friendlier. South Vietnam is a fave of mine as is Singapore where my company is registered. Laos is super cheap and ultra laid back, Cambodia has its moments but I’m not generally a fan, but a must see is the Temples of Ankor Wat.

If you want to skype me and ask any questions instead of me rambling, drop me a line and we can schedule a convenient time. My Skype is (myskypename).

I would suggest you check out freelancer sites like and my half assed blog

Wicked thanks man that’s great to get me started!! Will have a bit of a research and then get back you with more questions :() We are hesitant on putting a limit on our time purely I think cos we are so hacked off with western society and the work ethic here… living bang in the middle of surrey… I’m sick of the falseness and the thought process that you can only be successful if you work yourself into the ground. But then saying that I have a fair bit of fear around if we do have to come back we would have nothing… as I am not a home owner and money we are frantically saving is for our travels. I like the idea of digital Nomad but have no skills in that area… eeekkkk x”

One of the reasons I left London was because of the shallow consumerism and celebrity culture that gets into all walks of your life. I stopped watching TV 6 years ago and get my news and information from more reliable sources than the agenda lead, mainstream media.

Everyone is conditioned to go to school and Uni and leave with a debt to the system (repaying loans in their 50’s), then conform and get a job to pay for things you don’t need to get more in debt etc. Then you are locked in the system with little or no chance of escape. A slave!

Anyone can break free if they really want to and it doesn’t have to be hard. Society will tell you your crazy etc. but they haven’t got the balls to break free. Our values are all wrong. Who needs a big car, big house and 100 pair of shoes?

Think about the skills and qualities you have and see how you can adapt them to online. You’ll be surprised! As I say, there is always someone who will pay for a service you can provide. My girlfriend is a great designer and artist but lacked the opportunities or knowledge to go it alone via the net. Now she works when she wants online, making graphics for companies and dresses for other peeps. All her friends still work in offices 12 hours a day + commute for 15.000thb a month. She works less and earns more and has more fun doing it.

If you really have no skills to work online, learn some. They are skills you can learn easily when you apply yourself. You are investing in your future, forget the rat race and the dogma. Free up your time, your life and your mind!! You can do anything you want to do if you really want to do it. If I can do it, anyone can!!: )Perry.

More Recently in September…

Hey (Name), are you on track to quit the rat race?

Hey man, I’m on track in my mind… kinda… just looking at cheaper places to live so we can save more to F off faster!!! As currently we can’t save anywhere near enough and it’s getting us really down in the dumps… so we don’t bother at all to save etc. etc…

Still no idea what it is I could do being a digital nomad… although it sounds amazing!!! I mean… my jobs alright… but it’s sucking out my soul… working in adoption… it really ain’t what people think it is… it’s working for the government and we all know what that does to you!!!

(Name), my man works in lettings and hates it… he puts on a tie every day and calls it the “rope”… we seriously need plan of action before this society engulfs us!!! How’s life on the beach?? Haha x

I have other friends in a similar position as you. Working in adoption must be pretty tough, I was adopted myself and my folks still foster, so I know how hard that is but rewarding at the same time.

I own a tie, never wore it. It hangs in my closet as a reminder! ha ha!!

Do you have secretarial skills? I sure you could be a virtual assistant and work online if you did.

There are so many things you can do online. I’m sure you and (Name) have skills or could learn new ones and start earning money online. Social Media Managers for instance, earn big bucks looking after a few client’s fb pages, twitter and Pinterest. You can soon scale it up and make good money.

I just got back from BKK. My gf and I, if she gets a visa will be in the UK for Halloween. Quick trek back to update my passport and see the family. Then I’m outta there and back to the beach!

I get very frustrated working in children’s services though… becomes about ticking government boxes rather than helping children sometimes… which is not why I went into it. Wow your folks still foster… that’s amazing!!! Those ideas look doable… My boyfriend is a whiz at online stuff… where do you look for that work? I could do online sec stuff but would have to brush up on a few bits and grammar eeek x

Yep my folks are awesome and in their 70’s. In fact it’s my father’s 75th birthday on Halloween. One of the reasons we are heading over.

We should Skype and brain storm your skill bases and I will be able to match you with stuff you can do online, show you where to go etc. You can start at home in your own time and build up a client base so you don’t end up on the streets. All very doable! I’m actually going to develop a course (online) for people who want to find a way to work online and stick the finger to the man! It would be great to help you guys out in the process.

END… Time to Take Action!

FYI – You will probably live to be around 80. Do you think trading 1 year of your life for 50 years of freedom is a pretty good deal compared to spending 50 years doing shit you would prefer not to, just to feel ‘safe’, pay the mortgage or the student loan off?

  • The most common age at death in England and Wales in 2010 was 85 for men and 89 for women. Sauce
Perry & Gio - Digital Nomad Lifestyles

Gio & Perry

I have a friend, Gio who knew nothing about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He came over to Thailand for a month and stayed for two. He sat by my side and learned by looking over my shoulder every day. Towards the end of his 2 months I gave him a number for a SEO company in Bangkok. He walked in and they created a new position for him. The last thing I said before he left for his interview was that he knew more than they did. He didn’t believe me, but it was true, and he got a job.

How long do you think it will take him to be super successful? Just take action! He now works for me and we are also partners on two other online start-ups.

All it takes is a little hard work and the desire to grow. This is why most jobs are so lethal. Every entrepreneur you will ever know grows 10x more every year while people stuck in jobs only grow at a rate of 0.2% after they figure out their job. It’s a growth death trap and no way to LIVE life.

If you do repetitive tasks that are pretty much the same every day then your brain stops growing and you become robot-like, not a thinker or a game changer. Your brain can do incredible things and you have the ability to learn incredible things. Don’t squander the best years of your life. Invest in your future.

“How are you making money and living life on your terms as a digital nomad?”

I’m always getting asked “What do you do” or “How do you make money online?” etc. I don’t openly sell anything on this blog or allow advertisers. However there are some affiliate links throughout the site and if you click on them I make a small commission. I don’t make anywhere near enough to make a living from them! They may buy me a beer every now and again. They are certainly not a sustainable income source for me. I’ve tried affiliate marketing, but it isn’t for me.

At the time of writing I have 4 primary income sources;

  1. Website Audits – We offer a comprehensive audit of your website to find out the good, bad and ugly health of your most important online asset. I charge $997 and get 2-3 sales per month.
  2. Website Development – we design and build stunning website that convert for local business. The average build is $5000 and we produce at least 1 per month.
  3. Citation Building – we claim, clean and optimize local business directory listings. Average 2-3 sales per month between $800 and $4000.
  4. Clients – I work with local businesses and do consulting and service work for them. This is the main part of my business and income. I have 15+ clients.

How to Achieve a Digital Nomad LifestyleSoon we will be launching a membership site for the main niche we work in. This will be based on a recurring income model. The average membership fee and additional services will be in the region of $400 per month. This niche has 26,000 registered professionals in the USA alone. We are only looking to have only 100 members in the first year. Imagine if we got 1% of the 26,000!

Back in 2007 I knew nothing about SEO, websites or even heard of the term ‘Digital Nomad‘. I knew one thing, I wanted to have a laptop lifestyle and have the freedom to travel. My story just goes to show that if you work smart and want to invest in your future success, there is not better place than finding your ‘thing’ online and making it happen. Where are you going to be a year from now!

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How to Achieve the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

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Catch the Trade Winds in Your Sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

December 5, 2013 in Marketing Quotes

Mark Twain

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”Mark Twain, American author and humorist.

The truth is, life is pretty short. We don’t have a lot of time to waste while we’re here and unfortunately we can end up spending quite a lot of it working. The unfortunate byproduct of life is that it gets expensive and as a result we need to maintain our jobs in order to have financial freedom. The more expensive that life gets however, the more that we have to work and the less time that we have. This is the problem that plagues us all but luckily there is a solution…

Within the past decade it has become much easier to work from home and become your own boss. There are millions of opportunities online to make money as well as some fantastic opportunities that are available for people who are interested in marketing and selling products online. Many people are content to look back on the last 20 years at jobs that they enjoy doing even if it is for companies, but some people may not have the same positive thoughts towards their occupation. For those people, it may be time to cast off and start creating your own opportunities.

Discover the Internet Lifestyle

With a bit of research and some creativity you can quickly discover that there is an entire Internet lifestyle available with the freedom that you may have always wanted. Networks of freelancers, online business people, and Internet marketers all come together to work online and give up the traditional 9 to 5. Being your own boss can be extremely rewarding but it is important to test the waters first before you jump in with both feet. Spend some time doing research and creating some part-time opportunities before you give up the financial security that you received that your current occupation. When you feel as though you can make it on your own, go for it and experience the freedom that you deserve.

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Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Brainstorming For Lifestyle Blog Ideas

August 19, 2012 in Guest Posts

Start Your Own Lifestyle Blog

Lately, it’s been one of those times where I can think of any good lifestyle blog ideas.  It seems like each idea I come up with is uninteresting, beat to death, or irrelevant to one of my blogs.  This is one of those times when I’ll use my Top Ten Blog Ideas List to kick start a new blog idea, but I’ll tell you that even that doesn’t work sometimes.  I’m sure most of you know exactly what I’m talking about and probably think you’re a bad blogger for not being able to overcome that obstacle.  Well, there’s nothing wrong with you and I’m right there with you in that thought process.

A New Lifestyle Blog

lifestyle blogWhen this happens to me, I’ll often do something drastic.  I’ll take a break from blogging for a little while which could be a couple days, a week, or maybe even longer.  I tend to feel burnt out and need some time away to not worry about how many viewers are visiting my blogs each day or stressing about making sure the next article is just right.  In fact, that’s what I’ve done over the last week or two.  I definitely don’t consider it the end of the world either.  Lifestyle blogs are made to be built up over time and it is far too easy to get caught up in the notion that you need to blog every day or you’ll become irrelevant.  But, that’s just not true. I’ve Googled more search terms than I can count and it is amazing how many high ranking results are for sites that are clearly inactive with old outdated content from years ago.  This means that you can let your fingernails recover as taking a hiatus from your blog isn’t going to kill you.

However, just because you’re not blogging, doesn’t mean that you’re not generating new blog ideas. It’s amazing how many tasks, events, and occurrences take place throughout our daily lives. Each one of these can lead to a new lifestyle blog idea. In it’s own way, just living your life is a giant brainstorming session for coming up with new lifestyle blog ideas to expand on.  I own and currently maintain seven different blogs. Each one is about something completely different and really allows me to entertain a variety of ideas that randomly pass through my mind.  By backing away from blogging for a little while, it let’s you look at things from an outside perspective and realize that you can’t rush good ideas.  Sometimes they take a little while to come to you.  Check out our free blog tools!

So, next time you’re worrying about what to write about and it seems like everything you think of has been published online hundreds of times before, don’t be afraid to take a break.  Don’t write anything for awhile. Maybe don’t even look at your lifestyle blog at all.  It can be the exact remedy to get your mind back on track and ready to formulate whenever you feel like coming back to it.  You’ll be inadvertently brainstorming for new lifestyle blog ideas and have an entire arsenal to keep you busy writing for quite some time.  Thanks for checking out Blog Ideas!


Learn Thai: Word of the Day – gii moong in Thai language is ‘What time?’

Brainstorming For Lifestyle Blog Ideas