Jing Jing Thailand

August 20, 2012 in Product News & Reviews by Perry Stevens

What is Jing?

Jing is a free and easy way to create images and videos of what you see on your computer screen then share them instantly online!

Simply capture an image (screenshot) of what you see on your computer screen and use the built in mark-up tools (arrows, text and boxes) to enhance your image. See the image of IMAlwaysHappy2Help.com’s logo below as a ‘work in progress’.

I want to convey to my designer I want the Kingdom of Thailand flag removing from the header image. So I simply capture the image and then use an arrow pointing to the area that needs his artist attention and then add a text box with some simple instructions. I then save the image and attach it to an email as normal and send.


Jing Jing Thailand - Live your dream lifestyle

Alternatively you can capture what you see and do on your monitor (screencast) in a 5 minute or less video recording and share with your audience. You can share the video you have created by embedding the code into a webpage or use a link that will direct your audience to your Sceencast.com video hosting page. Watch my brief example Below!
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Jing Jing

Jing by TechSmthOf all the cool tools and resources I’ve found and share with friends and colleagues, Jing is without a doubt, always the most popular and for good reason. It’s easy to add notated screenshots to all your online conversations, or create a quick tutorial video you can share with your staff, designer, sales team or customers. It gets everyone on the same page fast and is fun to use. Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before.

Discover more about the Jing here

Let me know how you get on with it and how it helps you work online in the comments below.


Learn Thai: Jing in Thai language means: real or true. Jing Jing emphasise’s the truth-fullness of a statement I.E. it’s really true! Or you can use it as question: Really? 

Jing Thailand

Brainstorming For Lifestyle Blog Ideas

August 19, 2012 in Guest Posts by Perry Stevens

Start Your Own Lifestyle Blog

Lately, it’s been one of those times where I can think of any good lifestyle blog ideas.  It seems like each idea I come up with is uninteresting, beat to death, or irrelevant to one of my blogs.  This is one of those times when I’ll use my Top Ten Blog Ideas List to kick start a new blog idea, but I’ll tell you that even that doesn’t work sometimes.  I’m sure most of you know exactly what I’m talking about and probably think you’re a bad blogger for not being able to overcome that obstacle.  Well, there’s nothing wrong with you and I’m right there with you in that thought process.

A New Lifestyle Blog

lifestyle blogWhen this happens to me, I’ll often do something drastic.  I’ll take a break from blogging for a little while which could be a couple days, a week, or maybe even longer.  I tend to feel burnt out and need some time away to not worry about how many viewers are visiting my blogs each day or stressing about making sure the next article is just right.  In fact, that’s what I’ve done over the last week or two.  I definitely don’t consider it the end of the world either.  Lifestyle blogs are made to be built up over time and it is far too easy to get caught up in the notion that you need to blog every day or you’ll become irrelevant.  But, that’s just not true. I’ve Googled more search terms than I can count and it is amazing how many high ranking results are for sites that are clearly inactive with old outdated content from years ago.  This means that you can let your fingernails recover as taking a hiatus from your blog isn’t going to kill you.

However, just because you’re not blogging, doesn’t mean that you’re not generating new blog ideas. It’s amazing how many tasks, events, and occurrences take place throughout our daily lives. Each one of these can lead to a new lifestyle blog idea. In it’s own way, just living your life is a giant brainstorming session for coming up with new lifestyle blog ideas to expand on.  I own and currently maintain seven different blogs. Each one is about something completely different and really allows me to entertain a variety of ideas that randomly pass through my mind.  By backing away from blogging for a little while, it let’s you look at things from an outside perspective and realize that you can’t rush good ideas.  Sometimes they take a little while to come to you.  Check out our free blog tools!

So, next time you’re worrying about what to write about and it seems like everything you think of has been published online hundreds of times before, don’t be afraid to take a break.  Don’t write anything for awhile. Maybe don’t even look at your lifestyle blog at all.  It can be the exact remedy to get your mind back on track and ready to formulate whenever you feel like coming back to it.  You’ll be inadvertently brainstorming for new lifestyle blog ideas and have an entire arsenal to keep you busy writing for quite some time.  Thanks for checking out Blog Ideas!


Learn Thai: Word of the Day – gii moong in Thai language is ‘What time?’

Brainstorming For Lifestyle Blog Ideas

Internet Marketing and Revenue Streams

June 27, 2011 in Internet Marketing by Perry Stevens

Internet Marketing – Don’t carry all your eggs in one basket!

Sound advice and words of wisdom that will hold you in good stead throughout life and with your online marketing career.

If you are link building from one source and that source is cut off, you have no links. No links means no rankings and no traffic. Besides which it looks unnatural to the search engine, so links need to be built from multiple places and from far and wide.

And the saying holds true for revenue streams too. If you only have one revenue stream running and the river turns into a trickle or dries up over night, you wake up and suddenly you have no income coming in. That’s a nightmare position to be in and one that should be avoided at all costs.

Internet Marketing - Pink Eggs in ThailandBut let’s not walk before we can run. I’m going to assume you don’t know how to build links to your website, I’m even going to assume you don’t have a website. So in future posts we will look at buying a domain name, website hosting, and building a website or blog and the different ways to monetize it.

I will also share with you the many different tools (some free and some I’ve invested in) I use on a day to day basis to make working online a whole lot easier and also save a lot of time. At the end of the day, that’s one of the main attractions for a lot of people. Working from home and spending more time with their family. I won’t sugar coat it but that was never the way it was for me for a long time and it probably won’t be for you either. Learning new skills, researching business opportunities and implementing strategies takes time, but I will definitely help you speed up the process.

Just finding the right people online to study and learn from was a full job in itself at first. There are a lot of charlatans who promise the earth and deliver squat. I subscribed to a lot of them at first but now I don’t subscribe to any and life is a lot saner without their constant bombardment of emails and sales pitches, what I call ‘white noise’. I’ll introduce you to the people you should be following and we’ll not even mention the others.

We’ll also look at the 3 tried and tested ways for making money online.

Making Money Online – Easy as 1-2-3

Affiliate Marketing (selling a product or service as a third party)

Local Search Marketing (Online marketing for an offline company)

Product Creation (Making an online product – ebook, course or digital product and selling it online)

You can make a full time income from any one of these three strategies and subcategories within each. You’ll learn all the skills you will need to build your own online business and live the lifestyle you want to live.

In the next post we will start with Keyword Research, assessing your market place for business opportunities, reverse engineering successful websites and online businesses and a whole lot more…

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Internet Marketing and Revenue Streams

IM Always Happy 2 Help

October 27, 2010 in Welcome To Thailand by Perry Stevens

IM live the dream in Thailand

IM Always Happy 2 Help!

This is the first of many posts and pages that will be full of helpful advice and resources for those new to Internet Marketing (IM) and looking to earn extra money working from home or living the dream and working from the beach.

I started Internet and affiliate marketing a few years ago and after around two years I turned the corner and started making a living from online marketing. I want to share what I’ve learned with others so you don’t make the same mistakes as me or waste any of your time, so you can fast track to make $100’s online everyday and live your dream, maybe in Thailand, just like me.

IM = Internet Marketing

I’m not a Guru or an Internet millionaire, I’m just a regular guy who likes the freedom and lifestyle working online with IM gives me. The freedom and flexibility to work from where I want, when I want and with who I want. You can do it too.

I left the grey skies and the rat race that is London and after living on Koh Chang island for a few months, I set up home in Bangkok (BKK) Thailand in April 2011. In this blog I will share some of my experiences with you about living in the strange and beautiful place they call ‘The Land of Smiles’.

Check back regularly and feel free to post your comments and advice to help others. Caring is sharing so get some of that good karma!

IM Always Happy 2 Help