Internet Marketing

This page will consist of an introduction to Internet Marketing, resources, tips and tricks.

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Internet Marketing

2 thoughts on “Internet Marketing

  1. AvatarEleonora sgaravatti says:

    Hi Perry, how r u? You look great! Could u please explain me what is your job about and whether it is possible to collaborate from home? Thanks a lot, big hug, enjoy the sun! Lucky u! Here in Stockholm, it is already snowing! Eleonora

    • PerryPerry says:

      Hi Eleonora, so good to hear from you I hope you are well. The beauty of the way I work and how I’ve structured the company is the complete freedom it gives me to work from anywhere. Last week I was in Phuket, this week Bangkok and I’m planning trips to Hong Kong, China and Japan right now. PM me on Facebook and I’ll give you my Skype and I’ll see how I can help you.
      It’s snowing in Stockholm! Shudder!! It’s a sunny 35 here today: )

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