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I compiled a comprehensive list of books and resources that have helped me and will hopefully inspire you to start your own Internet marketing company, become an affiliate marketer and start to live the Internet lifestyle.

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I’ve compiled my list of books and resources from Amazon and you can invest in any of these books by clicking on the links and completing your order safe in the knowledge that everything is handled by the mighty Amazon. For every purchase, I will receive a commission. This is a very popular way to earn money online and is known as affiliate marketing. You to can start an online marketing career as an affiliate. Selling products online 24/7 is a great way to generate a passive income. There is no finer feeling than getting up in the morning and checking your emails to discover that even why you were sleeping you made some money.

To construct an online Amazon store and post it on your web page yourself you will need to be an Amazon Associate (Affiliate). It’s easy to join up, so why not get started today. I built and embed my store using an inline frame in my Amazon Associates Centre. It’s pretty easy to do but if there is enough interest I will make a short video to demonstrate how to do it.

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