Perry and Katae - Internet Marketing LifestyleIM always happy 2 help isn’t just a website… it’s a way of life. I’m a firm believer in the old adage ‘it’s better to give than to receive‘. Well that’s what they told me when I started a six-year stretch for crimes against origami at Her Majesty’s leisure.

This website is really the story of my journey on a road to freedom, self-sustainment and fulfillment. I don’t buy in to celebrity culture but I’m sure someone famous once said “it’s no good being the biggest rat in the rat race. You’re still in the rat race!” That’s why I got out and made my own way in this big beautiful world. Maybe my story will ignite, help or inspire you to be the person you want to be and know you can be. I’m just an average Joe and If I can leave the corporate slave world and live on my terms where I want, I believe you can too and I’m here to help you.

The Internet Marketing Lifestyle

I’ve been running an Internet Marketing company now since late in 2008. I have a core business niche that I love running but I also have other ‘side projects’ that bring in additional income streams. In my blog I will be sharing with you the many ways to successfully make a living working from home or the beach or half way up a mountain if that’s your thing and you have an Internet connection.

I firmly believe the key to success can’t be measured in terms of great wealth but actually finding something that you enjoy doing and finding a way to make a living from it. If you can help others along the way even better. That’s why I love the Internet Marketing lifestyle I’ve made for myself.

Contrary to what you are lead to believe in the main stream media you don’t actually need a lot of material goods to live a happy and fulfilling life. What of the best experiences I had was the day I looked around my London apartment and realised all the material goods I owned actually owned me, TV’s, 5.1 surround sounds, and all the latest gadgets etc were actually worthless but kept me in a constant state of slavery.

It was very cathartic experience the day I started giving away my stuff and what you may perceive as a stressful or even scary idea was polar opposite, A big relief, a weight great from my shoulders was lifted. I then literally packed up what I needed to keep in one bag that I could carry and caught a flight to South East Asia and set up a new life.

For more of my continuing story about living the Internet marketing lifestyle in Asia, and how you can too, remember to visit my regular blog posts and join me on my social networks.

Internet Marketing Lifestyle